It’s all about the pants

My foray into mystery writing didn’t start with a murder or even a crime, it started with a pair of pants. Not just any pants, but a pair of flowered capri pants. Those pants became the trademark of one of my heroines, antique hunting loving Anne. In my Antique Hunters mystery series, Anne Hillstrom shops for antiques, vintage treasures and “orphaned artifacts” with her best friend, CC Muller.

Over my years as a writer, I’ve heard stories about how writers put themselves into their characters and that they should “write what they know.” While I’ve never personally been involved in a murder investigation or even attempted one, I have been involved in the hunt for antiques from a vintage Waterfall bedroom set to a first edition copy of Gone With the Wind. I’ve shared my love for shopping with the real-life Anne and CC. Many of our weekends are spent scouring estate sales, antique stores and flea markets just like the fictional Anne and CC.

The first book in the Antique Hunters Mystery series, Murder by the Spoonful, will be available soon, and I’m excited to join the other Cozy Cat bloggers here. I am working on the second book in the series, tentatively titled Murder Note by Note.

Just a little bit more about me – I spent years as a newspaper reporter covering government, some crime, fashion and entertainment. While reporting I covered everything from gangs to aerobatics and of course, shopping. Like the fictional Anne I can’t resist a bargain especially if it is a pair of boots or earrings. You can never have too many of anything.

I hope to share more tales about the Antique Hunters, both real and fictional, with you. My husband, who cowrites with me, and I are taking a road trip down south for research for the next book. I will blog about our driving adventure over the next few weeks.

Thanks for reading this.

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