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A blog written by writers for writers and about writers should obviously contain information for those who dream of becoming writers. ‘Potential’ writers come in three categories: those who dream but lack ability, those who have the ability but only dream, and those who dream, have ability, and write.

You say you have all three and you can’t wait to begin? Your imagination is brimming over and you are itching to saturate your computer with manuscripts? Here are some suggestions:

1) Don’t start. Do you seriously want to sit alone for hours with no human contact? After staring at your blank screen with a blank mind, gulping down cold black coffee, and making trips to the washroom, are you seriously going to look in the mirror and say, ‘I want to write more than anything else in the world?’

2) So, you have ignored my first sage advice. You are proceeding with your dream. Here are some questions you should ask yourself: Do I know anyone in a big publishing company who owes me a favor? Does anyone in my family know anyone in the publishing industry? Is anyone in my family famous? Was I a famous child actor? Do I live next door to a famous child actor? Am I writing from my jail cell? Have I made a gender change? If you can say ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, you have a chance.

3) You said ‘no’ to the preceding questions but you are still forging ahead. All right, I might think you a fool but I am willing to help. Unknown sources will tell you ‘write what you know.’ This can be misleading. You may think you know how to change the tire on your car because you read it in the instruction manual; however, this does not make you are a mechanic. Just because you watched Titanic, does not mean you can write about large ships and icebergs. Also, be cautious with love scenes – remember, you can write only what you know.

4) If you sit in front of your computer screen for hours or days and it remains blank, it means you have ‘writer’s block.’ This could last for years. Be prepared.

5) Well-meaning friends will tell you that while you’re writing, you must read, read, read. The problem with this is that while you are reading, reading, reading, you are not writing, writing, writing – which means you have writer’s block. Do not stop reading. It will bring you joy.

6) Money? (I’m sorry, I wasn’t laughing; I choked on my gum.) If you make enough in the week to order a skinny latte at Starbuck’s, you are considered a writing success. If, however, you do not feel that is enough to live on and support a family, please go back and read #1 suggestion.

Fortunately, thousands of talented women and men have not listened to reason and every day, they sit all alone in front of their computers, sipping black coffee, and writing awesome cozy mysteries.

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