The Mystery of the 25 Year Old Cake

Lane Stone
Lane Stone

When Larry & I got married 25 years ago, the tradition was to freeze the top layer of your wedding cake, and eat it on your first anniversary. Do couples still do that? Just wondering. Would someone please post and let me know? We froze it, and then left it in that state.

Anyway, our cake has moved with us from home to home, freezer to freezer. Almost every time I put food in or got food out of the freezer I saw it and thought, “We really should do something about that.” Larry NEVER noticed it. Now this is a guy that can tell you to the ounce how much ice cream he has left. When he was in Vietnam he promised himself that if he got out of there, he’d have as much ice cream as he wanted, and so he eats ice cream every night. Once I went backpacking and came back to see he had filled the freezer with 11 cartons of ice cream. But he never noticed the big aluminum foil rectangle in the plastic bag. Go figure.

On Wednesday, I put the cake in the refrigerator to thaw. More out of respect for this culinary senior citizen, than for any health reason. Yesterday morning, I warned Larry he better not be late, told Larry how much I was looking forward to enjoying the cake with him.

After dinner last night, I brought the cake to the dining room table. As I opened the freezer bag, we both pulled back. I’m happy to report no noxious odors were emitted. Emboldened I pulled away the aluminum foil. It came off in tiny strips. The cake was hard as a rock. We stared at it for a minute then Larry said, “It’s held up amazingly well, just like us.”

Though the cake was like a block of concrete, the cream cheese frosting still felt like cream cheese. I tasted a bit of it. Thought I would die. Horrible. The cake was dried out and I gave up trying to eat it. I still had the taste of the icing in my mouth and wanted to go to the emergency room. Being too embarrassed to admit I had eaten 25 year old anything kept me home. I’m fine now. Thanks for asking.

“What do we do with it now?” Larry, which in Swahili means, ‘he who is afraid to eat 25 year old frosting,’ asked.

I realized I hated to think of our freezer without our wedding cake in it. So I wrapped it back up and we returned it to its rightful place. And there it will stay until our 50th.

At Cozy Cat Press we believe in happy endings!

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  1. Wow! This post evoked a 49-year-old memory. Before my husband and I left our wedding reception, I carefully placed the top layer of our cake into my mother’s chest freezer. When I reached into that same freezer a year later it was gone. Mom confessed that she had eaten it on Christmas Day and reported that it had been very tasty.


  2. Lane, this is the first time I have seen your blog on my Facebook page. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am looking forward to others. Proud to have a success story like yours come from Forest Park.


  3. Our wedding cake was a West Indian Rum Soaked Fruit cake. We saved a small piece only to have Florence toss it out when it became dry and hard. Little did she know that a new fresh soaking of rum would bring it back to life for finishing off !


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