I’m An Author?

Granny_Forks_A_FugitiveThis is my first post for the new Cozy Cat Chronicle Page. I am Julie Seedorf and I am an author. It might seem strange that I announce that, but it still is strange for me to feel I can use that title when someone asks me about my career.

It was easy for me to say “I own a Computer business.” It was easy for me to answer, “I work in activities in a nursing home.” But the word author is hard for me to say because it has been a dream of mine for many years. It wasn’t a career I was planning, but here I am thanks to Cozy Cat Press.

For me, when I use the word author, I think of all my author idols and feel I may not yet be worthy to wear the title. I probably always will feel that way.

I attended the Deep Valley Book Fair this weekend. There were 120 talented authors from Minnesota and Iowa represented at this fair. I was giddy that I was part of it because there were all genre’s represented at this event. I found myself explaining , what a cozy mystery is. Over and over I repeated, “No graphic sex, no graphic violence, no swearing and an amateur sleuth.” I must admit I didn’t know what a cozy was until I wrote one and found out that is where my book fit it. I read them for years not knowing they were cozy mysteries. I will announce that loud and clear right here, my cozy mysteries are  silly and fun mysteries.

My characters are a little off the wall, and Fuchsia  is unlike any community you have ever lived in. I do this on purpose because I want to take my readers on a journey out of their life for a few minutes or a few hours so they can laugh and forget about their problems. Perhaps I write that way because I can take myself into a world of fantasy and fun and laughter, to escape from the day-to-day drama of real life.

During the book fair we authors networked with each other. The topic of conversation always drifted back to the fact that being an author is hard work. We work very long hours, and when we immerse ourselves in our writing we block everything else out because we are in world of creativity. It is often hard for family and friends to understand that what we do takes a lot of energy and dedication. One might look at the finished product and think it was easy to get to the finished product. Within that finished product of our book, is the many edits, the many changes and the back and forth between the publishing company, editor, cover designer etc. It’s out so the work’s done but….it isn’t. The promotion must begin and the competition is fierce. Our book needs to  get noticed to sell. The learning curve is high for all the ins and outs of the social media sites. Plus we are deep into our next book, and we love it all!!!!!!

We love the late nights, we love  our publishing company. We are giddy when we see the finished product and we are ecstatic when we connect and get to know our readers and other authors. Writers, write to breathe.

I also must tell you that one of my greatest blessings are the friends I have made along the journey with Cozy Cat Press. We support one another and have become a small family. It is a world that I never dreamed I would be a part of and I never knew existed.

My next book in the Fuchsia Minnesota Series, Granny Forks A Fugitive will be out soon.  If you haven’t read the first three, now is the time. The audio book for Granny Hooks A Crook came out last week. I will be giving away some free audio copies on my Facebook page, Julie’s Facebook Author Page

Join us here as we blog about lives, our books, our author friends. It is a work in progress and we have some great plans. After all, we are authors and you never know where our dreams may lead you the reader.

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