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1545577_100200456993347_5454265566458776792_nToday D.A.  Sarac (aka Annie EditingPen) is the guest on our Blog.  She describes herself as a playwright, editor, mom

(Also a Scotland obsessed, British historical fan, black belt in Tae Kwon Do, very new runner trying to keep up with her track and cross-country running daughter.)

Annie started reading at age three and probably found her first grammatical error shortly thereafter. Following decades of haunting libraries and bookstores, the university world opened its expensive arms and welcomed her into its bookshelves. From watching her first play performed in college, to sitting through critiques and performances of her early works in graduate school, to directing and writing for her own theatre company in L.A., and finally to writing for a pretty popular dot com entertainment company, Annie thought it was time to offer her education and experience to other writers. Now the mother of an amazing daughter, who also began reading at age three, Annie is delighted to combine the world of books, words, red pens, and funny puns from around the Internet into a tidy Editing package.

“Some books leave us free and some books make us free.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is our interview with Annie.

Who is Annie Sarac?

I’m a combination of Mom, Playwright, Editor, and Observer.

 What kind of books do you like to review?

I love to review Cozy Mysteries, British Historical Fiction, non-fiction, and anything related to the Theatre.

When did you start the Editing Pen? is relatively new.  After reviewing so many books over the years, I saw a need for good editing. Since I could happily edit all day (but the day job gets in the way), I wanted to combine my writing degree, teaching background, and editing history into one pretty package.

​  What is different types of editing that you do? New authors are occasionally confused with the difference, can you explain?

There is proofreading, copyediting and line/substantive editing, and developmental editing. Each level has a higher involvement of attention. My proofreading covers grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and some format cleanup, such as making sure your chapter headings and fonts are consistent, and ensuring the clean use of dashes, bullet points, and capitalization.

For the more daring author, I provide copyediting services, which include balancing sentence type and variety, eliminating unnecessary words, offering suggestions for sentence cleanup, clarifying phrases or confusing words, correcting modifiers, verifying paragraph sequence, and clarifying presentation of quotes, images, links, and style/author’s voice. And more.

Many authors choose the copyediting first, then finish off the project with a good proofread after all the changes and suggestions have been merged.

 Are there other author services that you offer?

Indeed I do. Before your project heads to the editing desk, you may need some developmental analysis. This stage provides a critique and analysis of Form, Style, and Structure, including Plot, Character, Thought/theme, Language, Melody, and Spectacle. I offer suggestions about the core intentions and goals of the story, underlying premise, character development, character through line, goals, obstacles, secondary characters, use of dialogue and sensory description, narrative voice, pacing, and tone.  The author can either have this along the margins of the draft, or as a written separate report.

I also love hosting blog tours so I can share the joy of finding new books to read.​

I am also here to offer chocolate truffle taste testing with honest reviews.

 What makes Annie sad? 

Not having any cookies in the house.  Actually, there are many things that make me sad, but then I’d get sad just thinking about them.

 What makes Annie glad? 

Lots of things make me glad and happy.  Hearing my daughter’s giggle, calling my dad and hearing his ‘high-lo’ greeting, remembering my trip to Scotland, setting up a new style guide for the next book to edit, watching one of my plays performed, and reaching for my cup of tea as I’m settling in with a good British mystery.


What makes Annie mad?

Injustice/unfair treatment. And when the internet goes down or if my car decides to misbehave.  Car problems bring about a curse word or two.


Do you have a favorite quote and how do you apply it to your life?

There are so many wonderful quotes out there and each has a place depending on what kind of day I’m having.  “Hand over the chocolate and no one gets hurt” is a good one.  “Do what ye will and it harm none.”  And “what goes around, comes around.”  I read those as don’t mess with other people’s business and other people (and the government) should stay out of my personal business, and be careful of what you do as it will swing back at you times three.

Coffee or Tea?

Tea.  English or Irish Breakfast with a wee bit of soy vanilla creamer.

Donuts? or Fruit?

Donuts.  Then a piece of fruit to take away some of the guilt. Then another donut because I had something healthy.

Is there anything else that you would like to say?

Yes.  A big thank you.  I have written many plays in my day, but not sure if I could tackle writing a book. So thank you to all the authors who give me hours and hours of such pleasure, entertainment, and inspiration. Both my daughter and I started reading at age three, and we have devoured so many books since then. We want more. So keep writing.

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