Reclaiming Cozy

The Cozy Cat Chronicles

Lately I have been thinking about the word cozy.  Why?  Because it envelopes most of my life.  I write cozy mysteries that are published by Cozy Cat Press, I am part of The Cozy Cat Chronicles, I love reading cozy mysteries, the majority of my author friends write cozy mysteries, my mystery series is called the Madeline’s Teahouse series because I love  teahouses which are the epitome of cozy, I have just discovered a wonderful new TV station called Cozi TV, one of my students describes me as cozy because I am “squishy”–much better than being called fat–and I love nothing more than a cozy dinner and a night of playing cards by a cozy fire — oh yeah, and S’mores, can’t forget the S’mores.

An online dictionary lists the following synonyms for cozy:  snug, comfy, homey and sheltered.  I think we need a lot more of “cozy” in the world around us.  As…

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