Animals in Our Books

It’s Monday night, almost Tuesday and here is Tuesday’s blog.
How many cozy writers can write a mystery without including a dog, cat, bird, anteater or Javalina? We love to read and write about animals. They add interest and background to our stories, not to mention plenty of “awe” moments. We write about them freely, believing we know what makes them tick.
My protagonist has a basset hound named Solow. He’s not very athletic, trips over his ears, but is quick to sniff out the bad guys and he’s a good listener when Josephine has a new clue to share.
As up-right, up-tight, thumb-toting creatures, we live in the complex world and we have gobs of electronic apps to prove it. We motorize, harmonize, polarize, synchronize and subsidize. We fuss, stress and overreact on a regular basis while our pets keep a cool head.
Ironically, it’s our pets who make us smile, bring our blood pressure down and teach us the real laws of nature—respect, thankfulness, joy and peace. They have it, we want it. Just by being around our pets, we learn how to be better people.
How can we not write about the wonderful four-legged creatures when they automatically enrich our lives and our stories? Josephine loves her basset hound, Solow, and puts up with Fluffy, the cat next door. Just talking about them, I feel all warm and fluffy.

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