Tweaking And Husbands–Leave Them At Home


Selfies are all the rage right now. Even oldies but goodies like me take Selfies once in a while. Usually the Selfies I am in are with friends.

I must admit, occasionally I pull out my cell phone and take a Selfie to see if I like the way my hair looks. I always snap a picture to do that and I never usually like the picture.

However, attending a band concert at a college one afternoon I realized I could use my phone as a mirror so I could adjust my hair, or my makeup. I did not come to that realization by trying it, but by observing, in fact our entire row observed a lady in front of us using her cell phone for a mirror.

We didn’t think too much about it the first time she pulled it out and adjusted her hair. We wondered the second time she pulled it out and tweaked at her eye. We rolled our eyes the third time she pulled it out and touched up her lips. Soon we were watching to see what she would tweak the next time there was a break in the music. Make no mistake, she was not taking pictures of herself but checking out her appearance each time.

Soon the men in our row were making comments about the tweaky lady a few rows in front of us. I think I heard the word vain come out of the men’s mouth a few times. As a writer, my hand was itching, wishing I had my computer to document the detailed tweaking as it would make a great paragraph for Granny in my Fuchsia series.

In my eyes this woman’s appearance was already flawless, but maybe it was flawless because she was always using her phone to tweak her appearance.

I was scared to pick up my cell phone and take a Selfie of me or use it for mirror purposes. One of the problems I have taking Selfies is my arms are too short and I don’t like the in front of my nose picture that my camera takes. I always leave it up to my friends with long arms to take those candid pictures of us with our cell phones.

I got very excited the other day when I heard there was such a thing as a Selfie Stick. In the moment I didn’t think I would like what my Selfie mirrored camera would tell me about my appearance. I didn’t remember if I’d even checked my appearance before I left the house.

During a break in the concert I traveled to the bathroom to wait in the women’s line. I swear men have to be the one to design arenas and auditoriums, if a woman designed them there would be three bathroom’s to every one men’s bathroom.

I wondered about the unusual people you meet at venues, such as the Selfie woman, although I hadn’t actually met her, her actions would always be memorable, when a woman pulling her husband’s arm walked past me. She turned to me and said, “Never take your husband anywhere with you.” Shaking her head she kept on going with her husband following.

Finally I met someone at the event I could understand. Husbands weren’t always fun to have tagging along especially on shopping trips and apparently concerts. Laughing at the woman’s remark I took my turn inside the bathroom. I decided I had better use the mirror to tweak my appearance.

I flicked at my eyelashes that hadn’t seen mascara in days; I tapped my foundation free face and pinched my cheek to give me a little color, although I was already red from the heat. I took my fingers and ran them through my newly cut shorter hair. I had neglected to throw a comb in my purse. I smacked my lipstick free lips, wrinkled my face and remembered my husband hadn’t even noticed my new haircut.

Arriving back at my seat, I noticed the men were still remarking about the tweaker a few rows in front of us that was again tweaking her appearance.

I came away feeling blessed to have attended a beautiful concert that left me with more than memories of beautiful music. We all have quirks. We all do things differently. We can learn new things from other’s actions or we can learn what not to do from other’s actions.

I learned there are some things better left at home, such as tweaking your appearance and husbands.

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