Why I’m Not Writing

We at the Cozy Cat Chronicles welcome Timya Owen, aspiring author and Vice President of Sister In Crime, the Minnesota Chapter.

Many thanks to Julie Seedorf for inviting me to guest blog on Cozy Cat Chronicles.

Let me fill you in on who I am and what I’ve been up to.

My name is Timya Owen. I’m a SinC Guppy…a member of Sisters In Crime that has not yet been published. All that may change in October, as I am waiting not so patiently to hear a yay or nay on my submission to a culinary mystery anthology (titled ‘Cooked To Death’ and scheduled for publication in 2016). Fingers and toes are crossed!

I’m currently the Vice President of Twin Cities Sisters In Crime (TCSinC), the local chapter of the national organization which promotes the development of women crime writers. At this time of year, with my ‘second in command’ reign coming to a close, I should be resting on my laurels, but that is not the case. I’m busily making contacts for speakers and researching events for next year to inspire and enlighten our siblings in crime. Here are some of our plans for 2016:


just becauseUnder the category of what makes our characters tick, we are reaching out to experts in the fields of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) and Domestic Abuse. We are always open to learning the facts about these painful issues, how families are impacted, how law enforcement professionals are educated, and why the media doesn’t always get their portrayals correct.





The search is also on for local speakers on the topics of Arson Investigation, Weapons and Ballistics, and Computer Forensics. I see police procedural panels in our future!

Some of our Sisters (myself included) are taking an 11 week Citizen’s Academy sponsored by the Saint Paul Police Department.  The young detective who interviewed me as part of their very thorough background check (we’re talking fingerprints, FBI, social media access, etc) has already agreed to speak on the perspectives of a ‘real’ police investigator. You find your guest speakers whenever and wherever you can!police



friendsOur four legged friends will not be left out. I am in contact the non-profit organization, Minnesota Search and Rescue Dogs in hopes they will be able to share their stories and educate us about these brave animals and the work they do.




Social Media for Authors is a hot button issue that raises more questions and discussion than any other topic. Linda White has graciously agreed to speak on the subject. She’s also presenting a workshop on Social Media at this November’s North Shore Readers and Writers Festival.

IMG_0442In the past year, Seal Dwyer and author Doug Dorow each gave well received presentations on the Business of Writing. We hope to bring them back for a command performance. There never seems to be enough time for the myriad of questions raised but these two have all the answers from tax status to BookBub to self-publishing versus traditional publishing.




Also on the topic of the Business of Writing, a panel of Indie Bookstore owners and managers is coming together nicely. Our own, Jessie Chandler will moderate this lively discussion.It’s not all business at TCSinC. We have a fun side. Really. We do! In addition to past events that we hope to revisit (Noir at the Bar, Killer Cocktails, Murder on a Stick, MN Publishers Tweet Ups), the coming year will find us examining the archives of

machinethe Science Museum of Minnesota in a behind the scenes tour designed specifically for TCSinC by the Collection Services Director, Jackie Hoff. Our tour will focus on various weapons, poisons, skulls, bones…hmmm, maybe we should save that one for next Halloween!





Another fun event we are working on is a group outing on the popular Wabasha Street Caves Gangster Tour.  John Dillinger (Public Enemy Number 1) spent some time in our fair city as did a carnumber of gangsters and bootleggers. dillingerOur meetings and events are meant to inspire, to educate, and to celebrate the writers we are or hope to become. Open to the public, we welcome readers and writers. If you are ever in the Twin Cities, I invite you to join us. We hold our meetings the first Tuesday of each month. Visit our website for more information. http://www.twincitysinc.org/        Have a great day!




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