A Storm and Lydia

Julie Seedorf was yesterday’s ‘Cozy Cat Chronicles’ blogger. Sometimes we call each other ‘cuz’ even though our husbands do not appear to be related. I hope she will forgive me for picking up on the theme of her blog. She wrote of spending the weekend with her grandchildren and their electronics.

My husband and I had a similar yet opposite experience this past weekend. We are lucky enough to be included in a very special family camp-out. The matriarch of this family is my late mother’s 106-year-old cousin, Lydia. This annual event is held in the beautiful home of her niece, Gladys, on Marrowstone Island in Puget Sound in Washington State. The scenery around her house reminds me of nothing so much as Jessica Fletcher’s Cabot Cove.

I must disclose that my husband and I, being among the older family members, do not actually camp out; we sleep in a lovely en suite bedroom on the ground level floor of the house.

All was going according to plan until a powerful windstorm blew down trees and poles and knocked out the power to approximately 250,000 homes. So what happens when 32 people are left without electricity for over 24 hours? Some of us continued as usual until our batteries ran down. Others of us started out on a walk but flying debris sent us back inside in a hurry.

Luckily, four of the families had come in motor homes with generators. The refrigerator and small appliances were powered by a cord threaded through a slightly-open sliding glass door. Foil wrapped potatoes were cooked on barbecues and hibachi grills.

Eventually, we all turned to board games, conversation, and playing with two dogs who no doubt wondered what was going on. Scrabble became a spectator sport with four players and up to eight observers around each board. As long as daylight lasted, some of us read books. The children painted seashells, many of them in Seattle Seahawk blue and green.

As darkness approached I rifled through our car for a lighting source, finally finding one in a never before opened emergency kit. That headlamp was a wonderful help as brushed my teeth in total darkness.

Lydia was probably the person least phased by all this unexpected commotion.

In this brief youtube video she talks about a senior moment.  

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  1. Wonderful when people can turn a negative situation into a fun one! And it’s true, it’s the older generation who are not fazed. You will probably remember this weekend and so will the younger ones. We were with four other couples in a large cabin a couple of weeks ago when a big storm blew through – haven’t played so much Scrabble in years!

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  2. Thank you Sharon.
    I had forgotten the difference between fingering the wooden tiles in the original Scrabble game and sliding the virtual tiles across a touch screen with my finger while playing Words With Friends. The first is a tactile and social experience. The second, however, is easier to play in the waiting room at the doctor’s office.

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