Seeing Is Believing… Joyce Oroz

Today I want to compare painting pictures, to creating pictures with words. By age twelve I believed I was born to paint—it was all I wanted to do. Even as a child, I remember riding in a car, reconstructing scene after scene in my mind, the composition, the colors of paint I would use, the mood I wanted to create.
When I looked at beautiful scenery, I couldn’t help noticing where the shadows were, how the sun glinted off the water, how things really looked while the rest of the world listened to a ball game on the radio. “Look” is the key word. I looked closely at everything in order to recreate scenes on canvass. “Seeing” was all important.
My career started with portraits and ended with murals. My murals are all over California. I loved to paint right up to the day I retired.
Like many people, I became interested in writing once I was retired. Like many authors, writing became a passion—a life-style, an outlet for my creativity. The thing that gave me a writing advantage was the fact that I was able to “picture” things, people, places in my mind because I had painted my whole life. I told stories with paint. Now I write stories by describing or “painting with words” what I see in my mind. The only difference is, writing is limitless and painting has its limits and it’s messy.
At this moment I am between books, one is being edited and one has not shone itself to me. I can’t wait for a new book idea to kick my brain into action. For anyone wishing to write, careful what you wish for because writing is addictive! Ten years ago my goal was to complete one novel. I have completed seven and have no intentions of stopping.
Happy writing everyone!

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