A room of one’s own

For the past few weeks, I have been writing at my dining room table which has led me to ponder my decision to buy an antique tables and chairs. I love my table, a 1920s mahogany beauty. The chairs not so much. They cut off my circulation after 30 minutes of sitting and my feet fall asleep.  

my current writing space
 It’s my own fault. I have a desk upstairs in the bedroom my husband converted into a walk in closet for my boot collection. (I might share Anne’s obsession slightly).  I cannot walk in that room. As my days have grown busier with writing and work, that room has become a holding room for laundry baskets, magazines and everything else. 

This weekend my husband and I started our search for new dining room chairs. Instead I fell in love with an office chair. It was birch and so comfortable. I also liked the matching desk and decided maybe it is time to turn the extra bedroom, used once a month, into s full functioning office. 

So on Thursday I getting a desk, bookcase and storage cabinet. And, of course the chair.  I will finally have a room of my own. Hopefully it will make me more productive and able to write quickly. 

Do you have a room in your house? Do you cherish this space? How do you balance all the demands placed on you?


2 thoughts on “A room of one’s own

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  1. I have done my writing in all sorts of places – the spare bedroom, my bedroom, the gazebo in summer, the kitchen table – but I finally have my own writing space too! Our basement flooded a couple of years ago (hot water tank burst) so we renovated the whole basement and now I have a special corner with desk, comfy chair, bookcase, etc. Love it!

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  2. Nicely put, Cuz!

    A room of one’s own – the wish of women since time immemorial.

    As Virginia Wolff wrote: “Give her a room of her own and five hundred a year, let her speak her mind and leave out half that she now puts in, and she will write a better book one of these days.”



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