Are You A Lonely Writer?

By Julie Seedorf


born aloneWriting often times is lonely. We writers, when our focus is on writing, go into our own world and create. For myself, I forget to eat right. I forget to move off of my chair and I forget to go out into the world and have fun with my non-writer friends. Yes, writing might be hazardous to one’s health.

When one doesn’t do the things they need to do to take care of themselves their health suffers. I love to write. I love to get bogged down in the story. In writing my new book I began to realize that my creativity was lagging a little and my body was sagging a lot and growing wider, not taller. I wasn’t hearing the whispers that I call God in my heart.  I still have not got used to the fact that writing is my career. I didn’t have balance. I was either holed up writing and frustrated because the ideas were not evolving or a I was in frenzy trying to keep up with what I thought were others expectations of tasks  needing to done around my house.  I would eat whatever I could find, being overwhelmed at the thought of having one more thing I had to do, such as buying groceries. I experienced these emotions alone.

Many of my heart friends that lived in my community have moved away. I have some wonderful authors that are heart friends through my writing, but they live in different parts of the country and world. I couldn’t just call them up and say, “Let’s go to a junk sale.” or “Let’s sit down for a few minutes this afternoon, coffee and talk about writing face to face.” I could do that with Skype but not in person. I felt isolated.

The more I spend time by myself the more comfortable I get with myself and enjoy going out by myself, I don’t call others.  I know I need the outside stimulation the world and friends and other people bring to my life, but if I get too comfortable in my loneliness I retreat and become a hermit writer and do everything by myself.

I decided to start my day a new way. The Facebook page name is, prayer, exercise, write. I  started the private Facebook page so my friends or others could join to support each other, but it seemed I was the only one posting and it is still there, but there is not much happening. I think I need people to check in and keep me honest, which is the purpose of the page. But people are busy and it is one more social media site to keep track of and perhaps others don’t feel the same need that I do.

I have the prayer routine down. I start my morning writing a prayer to God in my journal. I then write in my gratitude journal and  I read a paragraph from an inspirational book. This experience helps me immensely and my day is better for it.  That is where it seemed to stop.

I got distracted by others asking me to help them with something or my social media pages. I got distracted and thinking I should pay my bills, work on  repair of my house and whatever else gets in my way. I always seem to put off the exercise and writing until later. It never happens. Those who are not writers don’t get it when I say how stressful it is because I haven’t got to my writing. “What’s stressful about that?” I have heard that question many times because they don’t understand the energy it takes to churn out a book and then work with the editing and the promotion. Even a well loved job can cause stress.

But God whispered to me last week. He put it in my heart to visit a friend on my way to the dreaded grocery store. I had decided not to stop and visit because somewhere in  my mind I thought I didn’t have time. I was rushing, but I turned around and went back. I know it was God’s whisper. I felt it. And for once I listened. The friend needed help and we ended up with ambulance and police and a hospital admission. I learned that in the midst of the anxiety, loneliness and pressure we need to listen for the whispers to get us on track. I had ignored them.

It is up to me to make the choices to eat right, exercise, pray and write. Somewhere in the recesses of my mind it is possible that I didn’t do three of those because I felt I would fail. I feel it was a sub conscious thought. And possibly I knew that somewhere in the recesses of my mind I needed support and that is why I started the Facebook Page, Pray, Exercise, Write.

In my life, times of loneliness has been a gift to move me forward. Maybe we feel the loneliness more deeply during times when we are losing loved ones and experiencing the lows in our lives, because it is those times that the world fades out and what  matters in a lifetime is front and center.

My new book ,  in my new Brilliant Minnesota Series, is coming along nicely. It introduces all new characters, but they  will have ties to Fuchsia from my Fuchsia Minnesota Series. In fact, I am humming along on it and a new Fuchsia Series book with Granny is in the works too. I am releasing an audiobook of Granny Snows A Sneak within the next week. I found an app on my cell phone called Dance Now that reminds me every little while to get up from my desk and do a little dance for exercise. I love to dance. That whisper, out of the blue, gave me hope and I know I am never alone.

When my life is in balance and I listen for the whispers I am not lonely. The world is full of possibilities and old friends and new friends. Being alone I feel the energy that can only come from the whispers of a higher power and the energy from letting others into my life.

Writing can be a solitary experience. As a writer we can share our souls and inspiration with others. In that solitary, lonely moment, we can put we are feeling on paper, sharing with the world our joys, our struggles and our souls, reaching out to help another solitary person know in our loneliness, if we reach out, hope will find us.


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