The Cubs’ Year?

For those of you who don’t know, I am from Chicago and like many Chicagoans, I root for the Cubs. Or, should i say I used to? Since graduating from college and entering the “real” world, I have not found much time for baseball. I think my disillusionment came when I was captured by the Cubs run for the division title in 1984. A college student, I remember skipping class or leaving class early to catch the game. I was caught up in the excitement as the Cubs started off so promising. 13-0 win at Wrigley, followed by a 4-2 victory at Wrigley.

Maybe this was the Cubs’ year. Then they headed out to San Diego and our hopes were dashed one after another as they lost the first game, then the second and finally the third. And with that, the season was over. And my time knowing all the players’ names and stats was over just as quickly.

Since then, I have not watched any baseball. My life has been filled with family, including my dog, work and my writing. I haven’t missed the slow-moving games or the shared camaraderie commiserating with other fans. I have heard about the Boston Red Sox winning, the Chicago White Sox winning and this year, of course, the Chicago Cubs making the Division playoffs. Maybe as predicted in Back to the Future, it is their year to go all the way, to break the 100 plus year curse. Many of my friends and colleagues have been caught up in the moment. I even ventured to watch a little of the first two games in the series and was disappointed.

What does this have to do with writing or my story? Not much, my antique hunting characters, Anne and CC, are not sports enthusiasts, and they wouldn’t be inclined to change their viewing habits. They would, however, find historical items related to the Cubs and maybe even the Bears. This temporary fixation has created a bit of a writer’s block for the third book in the Antique Hunters Mystery series. I know where I want it to go but haven’t had the time to sit down and write.

October will be over soon and even baseball will be over. In spite it all, I’m still rooting for the Cubs!

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  1. Many years ago – sometime in the late 1970s – I came down with a case of mononucleosis that left me flat on my back. Our cable system carried WGN at the time and the Cubs became my very best friends. They moved slowly enough for me to follow. I’ve loved them ever since. I’ll be rooting right along with you.

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