Writing a Book in a Month?

I joined the National Novel Writing Month, the goal of which is to have a completed novel of at least 50,000 words by November 30. I love challenges and am eager to start on my next cozy mystery so naturally I signed up. However, what I didn’t plan on was real life. I have been extremely tired and busy with work so a few nights I have not written. Real life does get in the way.

With the barebones of an idea, I have been working my way though the next story, which includes developing the characters as these characters do not appear in any of my other books as well as researching locations, many of which I have never visited. This story does allow me to combine two of my favorite things — gemstones and writing. I love gemstones of any kind from precious to semi precious to pretty colored stones.madagascar-ruby

The goal of National Novel Writing Month is to write 1,667 words a day. This will meet the 50,000 word minimum for completion. As of today, November 9, I am at 16,874 words, a great start. There are many typos and I know I have to go back and fix things along the way but at least I am pushing through. In the past, I stymied myself by going back and fixing things rather than moving forward so my work never got done. My current goal is to keep writing and then go back and fix things once the entire story is complete.

I have managed to do that despite a five-day business trip, taking time to exercise and working my full-time demanding job. I am proud of this accomplishment and look forward to having the first draft completed by the end of November. And, then it will be on to the next book in the Antique Hunters series. That one is already developing my head and taking on a life to its or should I say her own.

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