My Great Obsession







It’s true; I have a great obsession. It began as a child but has not only stayed with me, it has blossomed! Or perhaps, I should refer to it as an addiction.

My earliest recollection was when I was about four years old. We lived in a small town in northern Saskatchewan in Canada. Friends invited me to spend the afternoon at their cabin by the lake and my mother agreed. Sometime during my visit, I must have become bored because I left the group and discovered something wonderful. It was a PATH! I can still recall it as if it were yesterday. It was a narrow path leading out into the woods and there were bluebells growing on both sides. I picked flowers as I wandered down the trail, not knowing of course, that by this time there was a search party out looking for me. Fortunately, before they started dragging the lake for my body, I decided I’d better head back to camp!

I have always been intrigued by paths. There is something mysterious about them. Where do they go? What will you find along the way? Is there an end to the path? Is it a ‘dead end’ or is there something to see – like a waterfall or a bench overlooking a lake? Who decided to make the path in the first place? How old is this path? How many have walked the path? Was anyone famous?

My father was a professional photographer, as is my daughter, so I have always carried a camera around with me. I have one scrapbook simply filled with pictures of paths. There are pictures taken in my backyard – the path to our gazebo, the path through the snow to our shed in the winter, an overgrown path through my perennial garden. But I also have pictures of paths taken on trips through mountains, paths discovered in parks, paths leading to beaches. Every one similar but unique and filled with a memory.
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Ah, but what has that got to do with writing? Isn’t writing very similar? You start out with an idea that feels so exciting but you haven’t figured out exactly where it will lead you. As you journey down the path, you picture the ending, the characters  you’ll meet along the way, and you visualize the twists and turns you will encounter. Even though you might have to hike through some rough patches as you do on some trails, you work your way through and make it to the finish. Your story is finished. You have conquered your path! Now, wasn’t that a great adventure?

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  1. I am so with you on this one Sharon! As I read this I thought of the trek we took around Enchanted Rock! Love & miss you guys, and can’t wait for y’all to get back to your Texas home!

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