My Cousin’s Beautiful Village?

San Martin du varMy cousin lives in a  beautiful French village much like this one.  I think it would be wonderful to create characters and write a series of books about the people who live, love and work there.  I would create farmers and shopkeepers and crazy artists and marvelous cooks and wayward children and good children and strange pets for them.

I would write about my characters in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Every week my characters would visit a festival in a nearby village. Occasionally a visitor or two would work their way into the plot.  Some may decide to settle in my village.  Every time a new person moves into my village they would struggle to find their place in the social structure, which would upset the current hierarchy and create even more plot lines.

I would name the streets and the people and the mountains and even the colors of the buildings.  I would even be in charge of the weather.  My readers would know what to expect. Like both Maeve Binchy and Jan Karon  I would write about my world again and again.

But that is not what I do.  My writing partner Margaret and I write about two cousins of the same age whose lives span nearly the entire twentieth century.  One is a competent professional woman with children before the term even existed.  But what about the other one?  Well, much of the time both the readers and I are trying to figure out what she is doing.  Her name is Moira and she experiences WWII in England and the Cold War in America.  I am NOT in charge of Moira.  She is in charge of me and, unfortunately, she likes to tell me what to write at two o’clock in the morning.

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  1. Since yo0u won’t write about the French Village I guess we’ll have to wait for the second installment of the girls from England (Rita) and the USA (Margaret). The village looks neat but I doubt I’ll ever see it in person.

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