Cozies, a Cure for the Common Cold

Hi there, guys and dolls! Well, I have to admit, that yours truly has been a bit under the weather this week. Truth be told, of course it was my alter egos Andrea Taylor and Heather Shkuratoff that were the ones with the bug, and while they sniffled, hacked and coughed, doing just what has to be done to get through the days between as much sleep as possible,  I got to be the one who got to swan around sighing, “I’ve been unwell,” and “I need my rest,” while sipping hot toddies with my fictional attentive man servant. Imaginvintage-sick-woman-with-book_zps71e77b05ation is great.

Which brings me to what is good about being just a tad ill. Now I do love writing my Poppy Cove Mysteries, sharing and chatting away with friends and fans, doing interviews and such – I just adore Santa Lucia, and have some new places and people bubbling up in the background that will eventually come to light, but recuperating from minor sickness gives one the excuse to hunker down and enjoy the work of others.

Cozy mysteries are just the ticket. The words flow beautifully, with enough suspense to keep you guessing without confusing your already befuddled brain, the places are usually bucolic, with just enough black humor so it doesn’t add to your nausea, and characters who you love and love to hate, all wrapped up in a neat package, just long enough to see you through your box of tissues between medicine rounds and bouts of coughing fits. There is a certain delight to being tucked in on the couch or in your bed with hot soup, warm drinks and permission (heck, encouragement!) to take it easy, even if you do feel icky.

No, being sick is not necessarily fun, but that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge or treat yourself to a little fun reading. In fact, maybe the cure is just giving in to being cozy!


Barbara Jean


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