A New Series, A Headache or A Joy?

IMG_3381By Julie Seedorf

I have finished the first book in my new series. This series takes place in fictional Brilliant Minnesota and has ties to the Fuchsia Minnesota Series. The name of it is The Penderghast Puzzle Protectors and hopefully it will be out in February of 2016.

My characters live in the Penderghast neighborhood of Brilliant Minnesota. The neighborhood has something strange going on and it takes all the neighbors and more, led by Jezabelle, to solve the puzzle. It seems the founders of Brilliant left a mystery that no one knew existed  until recent years. There are twists and turns and subplots and quirky characters of all ages. I will let you know more over the next few weeks.

For me, it was hard beginning a new series while continuing my Fuchsia Series. I am invested in my Fuchsia characters. I love Granny (Hermiony Vidalia Criony Fiddlestadt) and I know who she is. Writing has become easier when it comes to my Fuchsia characters because their flaws, their quirkiness and their secrets have been developed, although not all the way. I am sure there are some surprises coming in the next Fuchsia Series mystery.

When I wrote the first Fuchsia Mystery I did it on a lark never thinking it would be published or become a series. Starting the Brilliant Minnesota Series leaves me with trepidation. Can I pull off more characters, a totally different community and different story? I don’t yet know where all my characters are leading me. It is like birthing a baby. You love that little baby when it is born but the love grows as the baby grows and you see its traits and the baby’s personality grow with it. It happens the same way with the characters in a book. An author learns who each character is by sitting down at the keyboard and birthing that character.

For me, it was hard as my mind kept coming back to Granny. I wanted Jezabelle to be a little quirky but a little different, a little younger and a little more grounded. I found myself at times writing Granny. I had to go back and change it. There is only one Hermiony Vidalia Criony Fiddlestadt.

When I start a story and a plot, I have an idea but I let my writing and my imagination go. I don’t usually know who my characters are or how many they are in the book, and I don’t know who the villain is going to be until I am well into the book. I am not an in-the-box plot person and at times it gets me in trouble. After it is written I have to go back and polish it and change any inconsistencies. Having  said that, I find that who murdered who and who is the villain surprises me sometime.

It is finished, in the hands of editors and publishers and it will be those hands that tells me if I have a book or a start-all-over again story. It will be you,the readers,that tell me if my new series will make you laugh and lead you down a road, out of reality for a short time, giving you a respite from the weary world.

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