Grouping Words

I have been distracting myself from thoughts of the impending holidays and gifts to wrap and notes to write and rooms to decorate and food to prepare by thinking about collective nouns.

I’ve long been fascinated by these single words used to describe a group. A gaggle of geese, a pride of lions and a coven of witches are some of my favorites.  However, since I have become a Cozy Cat Press author, I have been wondering what a group of authors should be called.  Is it a chapter of authors?  Or would a folder of authors more descriptive?  Perhaps a library of authors would be even better.  Any ideas?

And what about this collection of sticky notes?

Is this an adhesion of notepads or a nest of notes ?

s notes

And what should I call the staplers of all sizes that I collected back in the days when they were essential?  Was it a stable of staplers?  Alliteration is always good.

However, there is one group of essential accessories that I have had absolutely no trouble in grouping under the perfect collective word.

spag of ch

A Spaghetti of Chargers! –


Happy Holidays Every One!!



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