Our Christmas Vacation

This year Larry and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary by going on a Viking River Cruise.  At least, I think that’s why we went.  Could have been I was brainwashed by the 3 or 4 a night commercials on PBS.  Anyway, on December 5 we flew from Dulles to Frankfurt.

Christmas markets were in full swing, but the first morning’s sightseeing was on a much more sobering topic.  We visited the NAZI party rally grounds.  Until 1938 the National Socialists met for about a week each year. Some of Hitler’s largest crowds met here and in their 1935 planning meetings the Nuremberg Laws were developed, sowing the seeds for the Final Solution. rally grounds 20151207_090022

After that we did enjoy the Christmas markets.  Each city has their own mug for mulled wine. Cobblestones and wine don’t mix, so I opted for hot chocolate.

We sailed along the Main-Danube canal each night. The canal was completed in 1992.  Sixteen stair step locks allow boats to climb 1,332 above sea level.  Here’s the view from our stateroom.

lock 20151210_153030

After a special performance of Figaro’s Wedding in Austria, we sailed to Budapest.

b at night 20151212_205920

Viking really took care of everything.   The crew was great! Here they are welcoming us back after a morning of sightseeing.

crew 20151212_125818

Happy Holidays, everybody!


Lane, Larry & Abby

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