The Soundtrack of My Life

The news of David Bowie’s death hit me early Monday morning. In the 80s, his music formed a large part of the soundtrack of my life. I remember dancing to “Modern Love,” “Let’s Dance” and “China Girl” at the all-ages club my friends and I frequented. I remember writing a play with my college friend while we listened to “Jean Jenie” and “Rebel Rebel.” His work resonated with us and inspired our creativity. Without doubt, Bowie was an inspiration to many.

His music continues to be in rotation on my playlist which I listen to as I write. If at work, I wear my earbuds and put my tunes on shuffle. I like the unpredictability of not knowing what to expect and find myself surprised often by what comes up. At home, I blast my music in my office. Often when writing, I find myself in a zone where I’m singing (not very well), ¬†listening and writing.

This passion for music started early. My father brought me my first album when I was four. It was a Beatles album. I listened to it repeatedly. Of course, I followed the Beatles with listening to bands like Aerosmith, Foreigner and later Styx, REO Speedwagon and Duran Duran. I could share numerous photos of my friends and I dressed in our 80s wear, preparing for dancing at the club but I will spare you. Hearing these old songs continue to excite me and motivate me. My fingers seem to type faster as I listen.

What music did you listen to? What inspires you?

Please share your thoughts. RIP, David Bowie. Thanks for the inspiration.

2 thoughts on “The Soundtrack of My Life

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  1. Sometimes my age really shines through – I love listening to the singers who have left us quite some time ago. Dean Martin, Perry Como, Elvis Presley. I was going to say Tony Bennett but that man just keeps going! I have almost 100 old LPs and love to put them on while I work.


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