The Generosity of Authors!

cropped-ccplogonegative-e1433524649126.jpgBy Julie Seedorf


I love being a writer but what I find as an author is other authors are generous in their support of one another. I didn’t know what to expect when I was accepted and published by Cozy Cat Press in 2013. What I found by joining the team of Cozy Cat Press Authors was a group of people wiling to accept me, mentor me and become my friend.

As my career has progressed and more books in the Fuchsia Minnesota Series were published, I found the generosity also of authors outside of my publishing company. In most cases they want to see other authors succeed and are very helpful in promoting each other when new books are out, when something special is happening in someone’s writing life and when on a personal level there are the hill and valley moments we all experience. We try and prop each other up.

It makes sense to help one another out. We are all creative people and because of that we understand each other’s creativity in a way others may not. You might find we have some of the same readers throughout our publishing company and over the wide world of other publishers. We, as authors, know a reader does not just read one book or one genre so it makes sense to be generous in friendship to one another. Some of us have met in real life and others we have met only through Skype and online. I have author friends in England, Australia, Canada, Thailand and more. I learn much about their writing and their culture through our friendships.

Some of my author friends are people I have admired for years because I read their books. It is an honor to be developing friendships with these people through writing. I am always honored when one of these people have read one of my books and have liked them. I am elated when that happens.

I have also entered the hallowed membership of Sisters In Crime on the National Level and Minnesota typeand Iowa chapters. It is a wonder I can talk when I meet some of the members because they are best selling authors and impressive people. I remember riding to a meeting with the renowned Allen Eskens, Author of The Life We Bury and The Guise of Another. I was scared because I was in awe but  immediately I was relaxed  to a level of comfort by his comfortable attitude.

Authors understand the hard work we each put into our careers. The outside world sees the finished product and thinks our work on that book is finished when  it has only begun. Before we let the public see what our heart has written during the weeks and months, the book is edited by an editor and sent back to us for more editing. We must be prepared once it is published to promote, write blogs, schedule book signings and appearances. Promotion means as an author we are working with many details along with writing the next book. It is also a risk to release to the public eye what our heart has written. We also support our author friends by reading unpublished works, looking to see if something is missed and needs to be changed, and also we review the work to let our friends know what we thought of their work.

My newest book, The Penderghast Puzzle Protectors and Brilliant Minnesota series will be out next week. Watch for the announcements on my blog, Sprinkled Notes, on my website, on Lisa K’s book blog and on The Editing Pen. I could not write and continue on without the support of my author friends. So this is my way of thanking you for supporting me. I wish I could name them all but I don’t want to forget anyone, just look for all those whose books and names I pass on with my Facebook Author Page, Instagram, Twitter and on my blog Sprinkled Notes. Also look for my book reviews on Goodreads. Also if you want to know about my other books you can find my author profile on Amazon. And don’t forget to look for my author friends, you will find some awesome books by awesome authors.

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  1. Thank you for the shout out, Julie. I’m just about finished The Penderghast Puzzle Protectors. Loving it! And the generosity of authors, CCP and other mystery/cozy mystery alike, is a true and amazing thing for readers and reviewers. Happy to hear it is with fellow authors as well.


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