Keeping up

Over the past few weeks, all I can do is maintain the status quo. I’ve been hit with a horrendous sinus infection that has left my head fuzzy and my body tired. I’ve been trying to move forward but it has proven difficult. Being a writer is not always easy and particularly when I am ill. It makes me question everything and doubt myself.

Through it all, I’ve been working with my publisher on completing and preparing my new cozy mystery/suspense, Gem Hunter. It follows the adventures of Alex Kustodia as she travels the world looking for precious stones. If only my real life were half as exciting. I hope readers enjoy Alex as much as I do.

Backcover 193 Gem Hunter-2

And, now I am deep into the mystery of the third book in the Antique Hunters series. I managed to complete a very rough first draft in January but it has sat for the past few weeks now while I’ve recovered. That time away may be a good thing, however, it has also led me to question the entire process. What makes a good story? Are my characters interesting enough? Are they annoying? Do I want to hang out with them?

I think so but can’t help but wondering as I move forward. I wonder what others feel. If they have the same issues I do and how they handle it. I do enjoy the process of writing and shaping the story more than I do other aspects of publishing. For me, with a full-time editorial job it is hard to find time to write, revise, market and do everything that needs to be done. Please comment and let me know how you keep up with everything.



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  1. I have an easy answer to that Vicki. I don’t. I can’t keep up. I actually think that since I realized that and quit trying, I am doing better. I know it doesn’t make any sense, but it is true. 🙂


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