An Author’s Blocked Mind!

my mindGood Day,

I have known for weeks this is my day to post something spectacular that will make people want to read my post on this blog. But though my mind is a frenzy with many different thoughts I am blocked as to something profound to share with you about my books, my writing or my life. Because of that I will share with you my frenzied mind.

These are the thoughts that were running through my head when I got up this morning.

  • I am so happy the Food Shelf Fundraiser is over and it was a success. Although I enjoy helping put it together it is a relief it is over.
  • I wonder if Granny should adopt a new mode of dress in Granny Pins a Pilferer. How can I keep Granny interesting.
  • I hope I got the posts right for the promotions I do for The Wildcat right this week. (The Wildcat, LLC is our local restaurant and I do Facebook posts for them.)
  • I need to work on revising my Something About Nothing book. Where do I find the time for that?
  • Gavin Berg was outstanding on the piano last night. I have to download his music so I can play it whenever I want.
  • What day am I going to do another Coffee With Julie.
  • My Goodreads contest is over and I need to send out the books.
  • Internet is slow. I need to call my provider and get someone down here.
  • The bananas are ripe. I need to use them today. Gluten Free recipe is needed. I must have one on Pinterest.
  • Thank you notes need to go out today for the food shelf fundraiser. I also need to get sympathy cards to people.
  • I wish I had time to finish Amy Reade’s book, Secrets of Hallstead House  that I started.– and to listen to the audiobook I have been listening to. The War Room must have been a good movie.
  • Can’t forget to take my medicine.
  • I wish people would take a chance and read The Penderghast Puzzle Protectors. They love Granny but they seem to not want to move on to a new series and they will love Jezabelle Jingle. Maybe I need to promote Jezabelle more and its a great book if I do say so myself.
  • I wonder what’s going to happen on the Bachelor tonight.
  • I can’t forget to clean the litter boxes.
  • What am I going to write on The Cozy Cat Chronicle Blog today?
  • I need to work on my new Fuchsia book today.
  • I need coffee badly!
  • I want to stay in bed and read. Or maybe I want to get up and just color.
  • Where are my cats?
  • The sun is shining it’s going to be a beautiful day.
  • Time to get up and do my devotions and get to work.

As you can see my mind is in a whirl when I wake up. Usually it takes my time with gratitude and devotion to settle me down. And yes, these are the tasks I need to accomplish today along with a few others such as cleaning my kitchen.

What is your morning like when you wake up? Does it twirl dizzily like mine or is it cool, calm and collected. If it is pass on your secret with us.

Until next time, frenzied mind signing off.

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