Return to Downton

Last week, I watched the series finale of Downton Abbey with a mixture of enthusiasm and disappointment. I was excited to see the conclusion of a favorite series yet disappointed to see it end. After six seasons, the characters had become well-loved friends. My two antique hunting friends, Anne and CC love the series as well.  After reading an article in a magazine, I downloaded the series onto my iPad, meaning to watch it on a plane trip.  I coudn’t wait and ended up watching that first season all in one weekend. 

So, late this week, we went to the Driehaus Museum in downtown Chicago to see the Dressing Downton exhibit. The restored gilded mansion setting fit the exhibit of dresses and jewelry from the show. To our amazement, we found that many of the costumes were either original to the time period, created from vintage fabrics or painstakingly created from pictures. We were able to see up close the red dresses that Mary wears when she meets the Turkish ambassador. The costume designer restored it from a Spanish gown. 

 The exhibit was staged according to the time period, demonstrating the changes that took place throughout the years, from pre-World War I to post World War I when the flapper age began. Cousin Rose could have been called a flapper in her rose pink dress.  

AFor myself and my two friends, who also are my heroines in my Antique Hunter Mystery series, it was a very enjoyable afternoon. We were able to spend the day inside a beautiful gilded mansion among fabulous vintage dresses and coordinated jewelry. Who knows if this experience will play a part in a future Antique Hunter mystery? It definitely provided ideas. 

Already missing Downton, my husband and I have spent the weekend watching the first season over. What tv shows are you addicted to? 


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  1. I believe Max Mallowan was an archaeologist. They met at a dig at Ur. My favourite shows are the D.L. Sayers mysteries, The Campion mysteries, the Cadfael mysteries, and the Miss Marple mysteries.


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