The Write Thing to do?

Right now, at this very moment, my books are priced at 99 cents on Kindle. It is free for those on Kindle Unlimited. Should I leave them at this price? When I say ‘leave’, I’m talking ‘forever 99 cents.’

After doing some research and deep soul searching, I have reached a decision.

I am not a great writer – although someone did compare me to Zane Gray in their review of Sarah’s Valley. Another reviewer compared it to Dancing with Wolves. Okay, maybe some of my books are not too bad. I write because I always wanted to write and I enjoy putting ideas down on paper. I love creating characters and seeing where they will take me. I publish them because I hope others will find enjoyment in reading them. Somewhere deep inside me, I feel there must be a great story waiting to emerge. If it does, will I ever believe that it is great? Is there a point in time when a writer truly acknowledges that he is a cut above? Or, does he always question himself? (Or herself.) I am not sure how authors rid themselves of such negative thinking.

Which takes me to my research:  After reading different websites, blogs, and posts discussing e-books, self-publishing, and traditional publishing, I have come to one conclusion. Almost everyone loves a bargain! As a writer, do we fear that if we price it too low, readers will automatically reason that we must be a poor writer? That the book isn’t even worth 99 cents. If we price it higher, will it attract more readers? Well, folks, it doesn’t seem to make any difference. Did you know that about 20% of the top 100 best-selling books on Kindle cost a dollar or less? If you self-publish with Amazon, you will get a 35% royalty for every book sold that costs less than $2.99. However, if you charge $2.99 for your book, you will receive a 70% royalty. A writer must choose if he or she wants to perhaps sell less but make a higher royalty or sell more at a cheaper price and receive a lower royalty.

In my great infinite wisdom, I have reached my conclusion. I am going to hang in at 99 cents – for one book every month! I will make sure and let readers know which book will be the book of the month.

I would love to hear from other writers. If you were a struggling author, what would you do? Or, what are you doing?

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