Books are Great Companions

Waiting can be challenging, especially in today’s fast-paced society. Waiting in a doctor’s office, for an airplane, for your kid to finish play practice…Want to know a secret? Sometimes I actually enjoy having wait time. It’s one of the few times I can read uninterrupted and not feel like I have to be doing something else. I’ve even associated certain books with particular memories of waiting!

I’ll start with my younger years, growing up in New York. Nothing like a snowstorm to force you into putting your plans on hold. Thank God for Carolyn Keene and the Nancy Drew series. Being stuck at home isn’t so bad if you can stretch out on the bed and read two of them cover to cover.

And then, there was Paris. Thank you, Ken Follett. Eye of the Needle made that seven hour flight, well, fly by. An equally long wait at the emergency room made me indebted to Barbara Kingsolver. The Poisonwood Bible, one of my all-time favorite books, will forever be associated with my stay at Hollywood Memorial Hospital. More recently, my husband and I took his mother for ‘a procedure.’ You know the kind I’m talking about, one of those ‘get there by 6am and wait half the day’ deals. Thank you, Mary Kennedy. Nightmares can be Murder just like waiting on hard plastic chairs.

Ah, trips to take your child to college! Enroute to Emory University in Atlanta, the twelve hour ride passed easily (well, more easily at least), thanks to Dewey by Vicki Myron and Bret Witter, and the Storyteller. Spoiler alert, I knew Dewey wasn’t immortal, but the part where she regrets being with him at the end still brings tears to my eyes. On the way back to Florida, I was reading really fast! I had the hard cover version of The Storyteller and fought to finish it before it got dark! Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult, and Julie Seedorf’s new book, The Penderghast Puzzle Protectors made our latest college viewing trip, for my daughter this time, more bearable.

My advice to my daughter and to anyone who ever has to pass the time waiting, is to get the Kindle App on your phone, or carry an actual Kindle with you wherever you go. Stealing some reading time is a great antidote to waiting.


This week, three of my books are on sale for .99 cents in preparation for the release of book 7. You can load your Kindle cheaply with Murder is Elementary, Murder is Private, and Murder is Developmental and be armed for your next long wait! All are available on in the Kindle store or from Cozy Cat Press at Happy reading!

By Diane Weiner

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