Coming full circle

by Sally Carpenter

The real mystery with my cozies is how I managed to write three more books in four years after my first publication in 2012 (which is not a Cozy Cat Book but can still be purchased on

My newest book, “The Quirky Quiz Show Caper,” finishes the character arc begun in the series opener, “The Baffled Beatlemanic Caper.” My protagonist, Sandy Fairfax, is a 38-year-old former teen idol and TV star who is a mess. His career has tanked. He’s an alcoholic and a divorce’. He’s estranged from his family. His ex gives him an ultimatum: sober up and get work if he wants to see his kids again.

This motivates him to take the first available offer, a guest appearance at a Beatles fan convention. He thinks it’ll be a fast, easy gig until a member of the tribute band is killed and the police finger Sandy as the prime suspect. Not only must he find the killer, but also he’s recruited to fill in for the musician for a concert.

Sandy’s hesitant about doing the show. He hasn’t done a live show in years. But his confidence and talent returns and he reconnects with his fans.

In the second book, “The Sinister Sitcom Caper,” he visits his parents for the first time in ages. He also makes inroads with his ex and sees his son again.


In “The Cunning Cruise Ship Caper,” the focus is on Sandy’s sister, Celeste. She still holds a grudge about years past and Sandy must break through her shell for them to reconcile.

The series comes full circle in the latest book with the last member of Sandy’s family, brother Warren. As in the classic Parable Son story, Warren in the good son who stayed home and behaved himself while Sandy ran off to the wild life. Warren resents Sandy’s intrusion into the family and his own orderly life. But when Warren is framed for murder, the two brothers must resolve their differences to solve the crime.

In “Quiz Show” we finally have all the members of Sandy’s family together, including his two kids. It was fun adding a new character in each book. The reader isn’t overwhelmed at first with a plethora of people. We have time to get to know each family member before moving on.

QQSC front coverAs for what’s next for Sandy, he’s taking a well-deserved break as I start a new series. If readers demand it, I’d love to bring Sandy back for new adventures, either in another novel or perhaps short stories. What do you think?





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