One Week Left!

Only  one week left for May’s Book of the Month. Perplexity on P1/2 is still 99 cents until June 1st.

Mabel Wickles, never won anything before in her life; so when she found herself a grand prizewinner for an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas, she rejoiced. When she returned home to Parson’s Cove, however, life didn’t return to normal.
Mabel discovers one of her fellow prizewinners dead in the morgue. Who would want to kill Grace Hobbs and why dump the body in Mabel’s small town? Could this spell danger for Mabel? She isn’t going to wait to find out.
Mabel’s detecting leads her to Yellow Rose, Texas, a small town along the Gulf of Mexico, and to an Avenue named P1/2. As they become further entrenched in this widespread mystery, Mabel and her friend, Flori, are determined to solve the contest winner’s murder.

June’s Book of the Month will be Frozen Identity!

When a frozen corpse is discovered in a fishing shack on a nearby lake, most residents of Parson’s Cove assume the man succumbed to the blistery cold. However, after the body thaws, the coroner discovers that the man––one Victor Fleming––was actually beaten to death. Eye witnesses suggest that town bad boy Jakie Flanders was seen leaving the shack the night of the murder and was overheard threatening Fleming in town earlier. Add this to the fact that Victor Fleming was Jakie’s mother’s first cousin and was demanding money from her––and Jakie’s motives for murder were piling up. Jakie’s mother Flori, a crier if there ever was one, is so devastated when her oldest boy is arrested that she is drained of all her tears, and only her best buddy and local amateur sleuth Mabel Wickles seems to have any faith that Jakie might just be innocent. Putting her detective cap on, Mabel enlists the aid of her young computer expert friend Nathan Horne and her pal the local Sheriff, Reg Smee, in her attempt to clear Jakie and bring her friend Flori some relief. Soon, Mabel discovers a startling fact. The frozen body, whom everyone assumes is Victor Fleming––isn’t. Did Jakie kill the wrong man––if he killed anyone at all? Or is there another reason entirely for this corpse’s frozen identity? Mabel will encounter many more clues before she puts this mystery on ice.

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