The Second Thursday of the Month

Well, here it is, the day you have all been waiting for – the second Thursday of the month. My day to blog.

What has been happening since the second Thursday of last month? Well, we won’t go into world politics or reality television shows. Or the weather.

Let’s just go into writing…

I must admit that I find it hard to write in warm sunny weather. My mind and eyes wander to the outdoors. I keep thinking about all the work I have to do in the yard and in my garden. The birds fly in front of the window and I watch to see in which tree they’ve built their nest. Rabbits hop across the yard and I can’t help but look to see if they’re going to sneak into my carrot patch.

Besides these distractions, the closer we get to summer, the less organized I am. Not that I was all that organized to begin with. I suddenly feel in vacation mode even when we are not going on vacation. Since we love taking our vacations in winter, this means that it’s pretty much vacation time year round and that gives me a guilty conscience! (and a messy house.)

I definitely feel the need to have a set schedule for writing so that I not only accomplish something but I can say in all honesty that I am a writer. My job is writing.

BUT what if you don’t feel like writing during the time that you’ve set aside? What if your mind is blank and you have no desire whatsoever to put anything down on paper? In fact, you stare at your computer screen and you feel like giving it a good punch? What then?

There are so many cute sayings that writers (at least, I surmise they are writers)  come up with and these quips all sound so wise, profound, and sometimes very witty.

e.g:  “Start small. Write a few words every day.”  “Write what you know.” “If you hit a writer’s block, stop and take a break.” “Have a muse.” “If you are not writing, writing, writing, you should be reading, reading, reading.” “Writers are weird and insane.”

Okay, I made that last one up  myself. I have no idea what motivates writers to write. All I know is that with all my procrastinating, daydreaming, and laziness, I manage to polish off a book at least once a year. It’s true; I will never be the organized writer that I dream to be. I will never sit at a desk with my computer and sheets of white paper with outlines spread neatly in front of me. My incentive for writing will continue to be sheer panic. The story in my head will plague me until I can’t stand it anymore and I will hole up in my bedroom in my pajamas with a mug of coffee on my nightstand and I will write until the insanity is gone!

Don’t forget my BOOK of the MONTH for June is Frozen Identity and it’s 99 cents!



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