If you’re a volunteer, thank you!

You are a VIP and I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart.  Can you imagine what would happen if organizations like Red Cross and Meals on Wheels had to pay all their workers?

Last week I donated blood and a writer from the local newspaper was there.  When she asked why I donated I told her that there were so many things that happened in the world that I couldn’t do anything about, but what I could do was give blood.  (Btw, I have very good blood: O negative.) One Pint Can Save Three Lives

I’m on the Delaware River and Bay Lighthouse Foundation Board and we’ve been working hard to replace the dock on the Harbor of Refuge Lighthouse.  On July 5, we took Senator Carper (DE) out to see our lovely lady. He asked each of us why we had gotten involved.  I told him that it was because gone means gone.  Without volunteers working on preservation many of our historic landmarks will simply go away.


There are so many of you doing such important work out there.  You’re my rock stars!

I hope you’ll comment below to give your favorite charity or nonprofit a shout out.  Go ahead and add in a web address for anyone who wants to know more.

Happy Weekend,


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