Another tough one…

Hello everyone! It’s the second Thursday of the month. I’ve had one month to prepare for today’s blog. What am I doing? It will be Thursday in a couple of hours and I’m wondering what on earth I’m going to write.

How do people write a blog every day? Bloggers are amazing people. Their brains must be bursting with ideas. Do those thoughts pile up in their minds overnight and then as soon as their eyes open, they sit down and words coming bubbling forth onto the computer screen? The thing is you can’t write fiction. I could sit down and write fiction every day, no problem. Much different to write down real thoughts and feelings. Who even wants to do that? Not me. Well, maybe once a month is okay.

I have to admit I don’t have time to read very many blogs every day. I do enjoy two of my friends’ blogs though – Julie Seedorf and Blanche Manos. Their blogs are sometimes about books but much of the time they write about deep feelings, family, friends, or tests of faith. I’m always impressed and come away with an emotion – it might be happy, sad, but generally reflective. My hat is off to these two talented writers.

Today was a special day for me. I spent it with my daughter. Of course, that is always special as most mothers understand. However, today was different in that I accompanied my daughter to an appointment at one of our hospitals. It was something that I had to have  when I was her age.At that time, she worked at the hospital so I was relieved that she could come with me. Fortunately, our healthcare system is much more advanced than it was many years ago. Sadly, ultra sound was not available for my mother and she succumbed to uterine cancer many years ago. I was a survivor and my daughter will be carefully monitored. Sometimes the ‘good old days’ were not ‘good’ in many ways.

Soon July will be over. This month’s BOOK OF THE MONTH is Slip and Go Die. My historical fiction, The Widow’s Walk, is also 99 cents for July.

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