Planting Seeds In September


For any gardeners out there, I’m certain the title will catch your eye.  No I’m not talking tulips or green beans.  Rather I’m talking about a new books series.

For the past few years I’ve had a great deal of fun writing five books in the Bess Bullock Retirement Home Series.  After the fifth installment, a good friend of mine died.  Charlotte Bouton was her name.  She passed away well into her eighties.  Besides being a die-hard football fan, I found Charlotte interesting to talk to because of her years of working in the House of Representatives during the 1950s.  She remembered the day Al Gore Jr was born and his father’s office’s celebration.  She remembered giving John Kennedy an aspirin one day when he had a headache.  And she had the political chops for stating her mind on which candidates she felt were “light weights.”

She really had a lot of qualities that I thought would be interesting for a fictional character to possess.  So I started writing a manuscript a year ago, set in Washingon D.C.  I was coming to the end of another manuscript and I just kept drifting back to Charlotte and this idea I had and much to my surprise another manuscript began to take shape.  I’m now a few hundred pages into the manuscript and coming up on the end.  I’ve also begun to outline another story.

So interesting people can really become the seeds for a good story.  If you’re an aspiring writer, or simply enjoy writing, keep your eyes and ears open.  Sometimes the inspiration for a good story can be looking you right in the eye.

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