Meet My Narrator Beth Kesler

Stop on over to my blog and read about Narrator Beth Kesler and the soon to be released audiobook Granny Pins A Pilferer. Make you comment on the blog at to win a copy of the audiobook when it comes out. #audible #amazon #itunes

Author Julie Seedorf

It’s almost here. Granny_Pins_A_Pilferer_jpeg (3)Granny Pins A Pilferer will be out in audiobook within the next week. I have a new narrator for my series. Priscilla Finch who did an outstanding job narrating my other books decided to take another way with her career and so that left me looking for someone new that could interpret my vision of my books. Enter narrator Beth Kesler. She brings a new flair to the series. You might note some of the characters take on a different flavor or tone as far as dialect and those will be written into the future series books. Up until now, we haven’t delved too far into some of the other characters in the books such as Lulu or Ditty Belle but in the future, you will learn more about them.

Now I would like you to meet Beth Kesler.

Beth-1Interview with Beth Kesler

Please tell…

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  1. I just listened to Beth’s demo, and she’s amazing. In one short clip, she managed British accents and a male voice – extremely well done, I might add. Many women narrators find it hard to voice men, and the reverse is also true. Best wishes to you and Beth on the new release.


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