Not the End of the World

Good morning! I hope everyone is enjoying the day. It’s a bit cooler so we are having a break from the hot weather. A one day reprieve!
How do you feel when the first review readers see for one of your books is a one-star review? I mention this because one first time author was upset that this had happened to him. He was sure someone was out to ‘get him.’ Well, there really isn’t anything to be overly upset about. It happens. No matter who we are or how great a writer we think we are, there will be some reader some day who will not appreciate your work. It’s true that some readers seem to enjoy being cruel and it would be great if Amazon could see through those but in all honesty, even if we might not agree, some are instructive and helpful. There is a reason why I say this.
If you check out my book , 
Sarah’s Valley, you will discover that the first review in the Top Reviews is only one star. At first, it was quite shocking but as I read it, I realized that it was a well thought out review. It was honest and definitely not bashing my writing in a nasty way. In fact, it was quite positive. So positive, I’m surprised he only gave me one star! 

I happen to have a few one-star reviews for that book; however, overall my average is 4.4 stars. Not shabby for receiving over 500 reviews altogether.
So once you’ve gotten over the shock and you’ve humbly accepted the fact that perhaps your name might not go down in history, read the review over again and see if there isn’t something you can learn for your next book. Whatever you do, don’t give up and say you’ll never write again. A one-star review is not the end of the world.

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