Vicki Takes 5 with Barbara Jean

Hi there, guys and dolls! So, so long April. Can you believe that it’s already the last week of the month? I do hope that wherever you are, you’ve had your share of April showers to bring some of those beautiful May flowers. Of course, the month end also means one of my favorite things,... Continue Reading →

JT Takes 5 with Barbara Jean — Welcome to Poppy Cove

Hi there, guys and dolls! Here we go again, the end of another month. I do hope you had a pleasant Easter. Yours truly certainly did. I never miss a chance to parade around in a new pastel frock and bonnet, or pass by anything chocolate. Plus those egg hunts provide such an excellent opportunity […]... Continue Reading →

Life Style, Circa 1950’s

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Barbara Jean Coast

Hi there, guys and dolls! Let’s have a little stylish fun today, shall we? My Poppy Cove Mysteries of course have a little murder and mayhem in them, but being that Daphne and Margot, the two main super sleuths, design for and accessorize the beautiful people in their fair Santa Lucia as their main gig, the books have been greatly inspired by the fabulous fashions of the 1950’s. Yours truly whiles away many  hours looking at beautiful clothes and the way they were worn, all in the name of research. Sigh, the things I do for my craft. Now of course, the influences are plenty, but here are a few of the lovely ladies who wore them so well. Credit needs to go to photographer Richard Avedon and the many people who made magic as they set up such scenes to make us dream and imagine ourselves in adventurous capers…

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Annie and Rae Take 5 with Barbara Jean

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Barbara Jean Coast

Hi there, guys and dolls! So it’s already the last Monday of January. Who would have thought it would come so fast. Guess I better take the tree down and pack away the mistletoe till the next go round. I’ll get to it sometime, when I’m not too busy and/or have the inclination.

Today though, I would much prefer to share a great little confab with another pair of Cozy Cat Press authors. Friends, if you haven’t already met Annie Irvin (Libby Vivone) and Rae Sanders (Candi Wilde), it is certainly time to do so. The write the Bitter Sweet Hollow Mysteries, with the first one being FINAL SALE, with more to come. I have to be honest, I thoroughly enjoyed the story (I’ll elaborate further in my review in the future) and look forward to more stories. The ladies are another writing team and my alter egos Andrea…

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