Grandma Bertha Interviews!

NOTE FROM AUTHOR, SHARON MIERKE:  There will be one more Mabel Wickles book released this fall, Memories, Murder, and Mabel, and then Mabel will be officially retiring. A Chat with Mabel Wickles, the Spinster Detective. Mabel Wickles is a character created by Sharon Mierke, and has appeared in five books When my grandson Stu said... Continue Reading →

Not the End of the World

Good morning! I hope everyone is enjoying the day. It's a bit cooler so we are having a break from the hot weather. A one day reprieve! How do you feel when the first review readers see for one of your books is a one-star review? I mention this because one first time author was... Continue Reading →

By the Fright of the Silvery Moon – Blanche Manos’ latest novel!

Blanche Manos, one of our favorite authors, gives us an insight into her latest mystery!   Everybody knows silvery moonlight is peaceful, serene, and lovely, but frightful? How could it be scary? The answer to that question is found within the pages of the second cozy mystery in the Ned McNeil series, By the Fright... Continue Reading →

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