A Dyslexic Author? Yes!

As a long-time mural artist and mystery author I have written articles and interviews about fellow artists and writers. What surprises me most about these people is how many of them are dyslexic or where dyslexic as children. I don’t have a PH behind my name, but I have taken my own survey on the... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Joyce Oroz

A recent interview When did you realize you wanted to write? People probably think a writer pops out of the womb with a big “W” imprinted on her forehead, and the smell of ink on her baby-breath. Not always true. The first sixty years of my life were spent avoiding reading and writing, probably because... Continue Reading →

A Round-A-Bout Introduction…..by Joyce Oroz

Today I want to introduce myself to you in a round-a-bout way, by talking about an authoress friend of mine, Lynna Banning. She’s smart, hardworking and very successful. Her historical romantic novels are inspiring to say the least! Ten years ago when I aspired to be an author, despite having no apparent knowledge, ability or... Continue Reading →

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