Self-Induced Solitary Confinement

By Julie Seedorf I had my week planned. I was cat sitting my grandkitties, and I would be alone the entire week. My plan was to write, write and write some more and finish my next book. I arrived at my daughter’s house on Sunday after coming back from my son’s house and his wedding... Continue Reading →

My Non Existent Writing Ritual

By Julie Seedorf I read an article by Stephanie Ostroff on the blog, The Writers Circle,  on strange writing rituals of five famous authors. She highlighted the rituals of Maya Angelou, James Joyce, Truman Capote, Ernest Hemingway and Joan Didion. As I read their rituals I decided maybe I should have a strange writing ritual, after all,... Continue Reading →

Winners of AudioBook of Julie Seedorf’s Fuchsia Minnesota Series

As many of you know I posted a contest yesterday. Wow, there were so many good entries, some new readers and some that are already fans of my series. These are the names of the randomly chosen winners. Please email me at so I can send you the directions to claim your books. And... Continue Reading →

A New Series, A Headache or A Joy?

By Julie Seedorf I have finished the first book in my new series. This series takes place in fictional Brilliant Minnesota and has ties to the Fuchsia Minnesota Series. The name of it is The Penderghast Puzzle Protectors and hopefully it will be out in February of 2016. My characters live in the Penderghast neighborhood of... Continue Reading →

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