Goodbye, Mabel and Sharon Rose

Most times it is quite sad saying goodbye. Especially if it is to someone or something we're going to miss. Some of us like to say, 'see you later.' Of course, if we are planning to see them the next day or week, that makes sense. If it is someone we do not expect to... Continue Reading →

Two Cozy Cat Press authors nominated

  AURORA, Ill. - Sept. 3, 2016 --- Independent publisher of mystery books, Cozy Cat Press, today announced that two of its authors––Alice K. Boatwright and Vicki Vass––have been announced as finalists in Chanticleer's Murder and Mayhem Novel Writing Contest for 2016. Boatwright's mystery Under an English Heaven and Vass's Murder by the Spoonful are... Continue Reading →

Teaching and Publishing: Comparing the “Babies” from Two Different Fields

Today the Cozy Cat Chronicles welcomes guest Blogger Patricia Rockwell. Patricia is owner of the publishing company Cozy Cat Press. Thank you Patricia for joining us today. Teaching and Publishing: Comparing the “Babies” from Two Different Fields Today, I am the publisher at Cozy Cat Press. However, I spent most of my life as a... Continue Reading →

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