When Does a Quote Become a Quote?

I have always found 'quotes' confusing. Obviously, many are pithy sayings attributed  to famous people. Many of them died years ago. (The people, that is; not the pithy sayings). Before they left this world, did they make sure to let their loved ones know that whatever they said during their lifetime could be used by... Continue Reading →

The Illusive Review

Once again I'm ranting my frustrations out to the world. The forever thorn in my flesh - my illusive book reviews! This would not be such a concern except for the fact that I would really love to hear how readers are reacting to my work. It isn't that I expect every person to love... Continue Reading →

Start with reality and make it fictional

The Cozy Cat Chronicles

By Sally Carpenter

In writing a book, why reinvent the wheel?

In 1991 I went on a weekend cruise to Nassau aboard the SS Ecstasy of the Carnival cruse line. This particular cruise had special activities for a small group of Monkees fans, including a private concert with Peter Tork and James Lee Stanley.

Fortunately I saved every scrap of paper and photo from that event. I had the ship’s newspaper with the daily schedule of events, a map of the decks and rooms, and pictures of the island. I’d even written an account of the weekend for the Monkee Business fanzine (no longer in publication).

So when I began writing my latest Cozy Cat Press novel, “The Cunning Cruise Ship Caper,” I dug out this information to use in designing my fictitious cruise ship. I started with the Ecstasy’s layout and made adjustments in the rooms to accommodate my…

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Who Is That Character, Anyway? by author Blanche Manos

Who Is That Character, Anyway?      When you think of your favorite stories, what comes to mind first? Certainly, the plot is important but it’s the characters that make the story memorable.      In the Darcy and Flora series that I write, Darcy and her mom Flora are the protagonists and the people who move the story... Continue Reading →

Reclaiming Cozy

The Cozy Cat Chronicles

Lately I have been thinking about the word cozy.  Why?  Because it envelopes most of my life.  I write cozy mysteries that are published by Cozy Cat Press, I am part of The Cozy Cat Chronicles, I love reading cozy mysteries, the majority of my author friends write cozy mysteries, my mystery series is called the Madeline’s Teahouse series because I love  teahouses which are the epitome of cozy, I have just discovered a wonderful new TV station called Cozi TV, one of my students describes me as cozy because I am “squishy”–much better than being called fat–and I love nothing more than a cozy dinner and a night of playing cards by a cozy fire — oh yeah, and S’mores, can’t forget the S’mores.

An online dictionary lists the following synonyms for cozy:  snug, comfy, homey and sheltered.  I think we need a lot more of “cozy” in the world around us.  As…

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