Sisters in Crime, an organization of crime writers and readers, sponsored a conference last weekend to teach us the inner workings of the TV and movie industry.  My takeaway is that Hollywood is like a blender of money that someone took the lid off and turned on. The conference started with a presentation by Pam Veasey,... Continue Reading →

A New Year, A New Book, A New Giveaway!

by Julie Seedorf Happy New Year from the crew at The Cozy Cat Chronicles! This blog began in the middle of the year and we have had our ups and downs. We are still fine tuning the blog. We hope you have investigated all the writers of this blog and their fine books. Stay tuned for... Continue Reading →


On December, 2014, NASA and I took arduous, successful, and fortunately for both of us, separate journeys. NASA’s Orion capsule left lower Earth orbit and climbed to 3,600 miles. That was a big deal, when you consider the International Space Station is about 250 miles from Earth. And I read Eleanor Catton’s 830 page tome,... Continue Reading →

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