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Good morning! I know all of you have been waiting patiently for the second Thursday of May. As you know, that's my day for blogging! Every second Thursday of every month. You are welcome to mark it on your calendar. Several weeks ago, I decided on what I was going to write. Then, I procrastinated.... Continue Reading →

Book of the Month!

The April sale is over and now begins something new - one book of the month for 99 cents. And what book is this months winner? Perplexity on P 1/2. You might find the mystery perplexing at times and that's what it's meant to be. Read and enjoy.

Slip and Go Die Slip and Go Die! The first in the Parson's Cove Mystery series. Get acquainted with Mabel Wickles and Flori Flanders! They are two senior citizens you are going to read about in the next five Parson's Cove mysteries. Parson's Cove is a small town and Mabel is its only amateur sleuth. Flori goes along... Continue Reading →

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