Diane Weiner, Murder Is Private- Review by Julie Seedorf

Murder is Private by Diane Weiner picks up where her last book left off. I feel this is by far her best book. The information we now know about the familiar characters from Diane Weiner’s other books in this series, makes us feel as if Susan Wiles is an old friend. This mystery takes place out of Susan’s home town on a quest to get to know the mother she has never met, introducing some new and quirky characters to the mix. Along with a new family comes a mystery that leads you through twists and turns keeping a reader turning the pages and coming back for more.


Amy Beth Arkawy, Killing Time review by Julie Seedorf

Who doesn’t love a diner by the name of Soup Opera? It is aptly named since the mystery is somewhat like a soap opera. And since I like the Soup Opera and want to eat at the fictional diner and try their delicious soup, it means I also like soap opera’s. A soap opera has many twists and turns, as does this mystery. Just when you think you have it figured out the author throws in another little curve. Intriguing characters, memories of high school and a high school reunion, and a secret that exists with this group of classmates makes us wonder if we shouldn’t examine our own old high school days. It kept me reading, kept me smiling, and enjoying the entire book along with being surprised with the conclusion. Well done.

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  1. I just finished reading Amy Beth’s book. I was impressed with her writing. The dialogue flowed and helped so much in understanding the characters. Like Julie, the ending took me by surprise. Well written, Amy Beth Arkaway!


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